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Macedonia has recorded over 5,000 archeological sites in Macedonia. The following are open to visitors, while the others have only been identified. 



Chronology of archaeological sites :


– Late Paleolithic period , 30,000 years BC. No sites have been registered so far, but numerous objects from this period have been discovered.

– Old Neolithic period , 6,000 years BC. The most famous sites that have been recorded and partly explored are Govrlevo and Madzari Tumba near Skopje and Amzabegovo in the Sveti Nikole and Stip area.

– Hellenic period : Trebeniste, Prentov Most (Ohrid area)

Roman period : Heraklea and Stibera ( Bitola area), Stobi (Veles area), Astibo (Stip),         Skupi ( Skopje )

– Roman roads :

Via Egnatia (linked the Adriatic and the Aegean Seas )

Via Axia (Via Militaris) – a military road that connected the Kumanovo-Pcinja area with Gevgelija and linked on to Via Egnacia.

Via Diagonalis – a diagonal road between Kicevo and Skupi


Archaeological sites open for public



The Megalithic Observatory Kokino

In 2005, the American Space Agency NASA, ranked the Megalithic Observatory Kokino in 4th place on the World’s Ancient Observatories list….


The Municipium Stobensium-Stobi



 Lying in a fertile valley just a few minutes off the central north-south highway that connects Macedonia with Greece, the ancient city of Stobi was a vital trade route in its days….


The ancient town of Heraclea Lynkestis


heraklea macedonia Founded by the father of Alexander the Great, Philip II, this city is named after the mythical hero Heracles – the protector of the greatest ancient Macedonian royal dynasty…


Vinica Fortress – Vinica Terracotta Icons from the 4th and 6th century – Vinica


What makes Vinica especially important are the archaeological findings that have written exceptional pages in the cultural history of these areas…


King Marko’s Towers – Prilep



Marko’s Towers (Markovi Kuli) are situated to the north-west of the Prilep, Macedonia just above the suburb Varoš. The locality of Marko’s towers is located in one of the most picturesque medieval citadels in Macedonia…


Ohrid, the ancient Lychnidus


 The eldest historical information about the city Lychnidos dates from the year 217 BC and they are about certain roman military operations on these grounds…


Bargala – Stip


Bargala was a fortified town constructed between 4th and 6th centuries…


Skopje fortress – Skopsko kale


 On a high cliff overlooking the river Vardar, Skopje’s fortress has kept a watchful eye for centuries…


Bay of Bones – Museum on water – Ohrid


 Restored houses 5 meters from the bottom of the sunny waters of Lake Ohrid…


Isar Fortress – Stip


 Isar fortress is located between the rivers Bregalnica and Otinja. Exact records of the time of the construction of the fortress have not been found…



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