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Macedonia is probably most well known outside the country for its speleological or caving. The karsts formations of so much of Macedonian’s ground structure make it ideal for caves. There are 346 registered caves in the country, although the total of actual caves is probably somewhere between 400 and 500. Only four are protected: Peshna, Ubavica, Mlechnik and Gorna Slatinska. This number does not, however, reflect the number of spectacular caves.


Macedonia Cave


Some of the caves have underwater rivers, lakes, multiple caverns and of course stalagmites and stalactites. Many are home to rare underground life forms as well as prehistoric fossils. Most caves have not been made tourist friendly yet and so most are really accessible only with the correct equipment, experience and preferably a guide.  The only cave open to tourist is Vrelo at Lake Matka, which is Macedonia’s nomination for the New Seven Wonders of Nature.


  • Vrelo cave
  • Gonovica and Ubavica caves
  • Peshna cave
  • Slatina cave
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