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Macedonia possesses hydrographic objects for touristic purpose, such as sources, springs, rivers, lakes and spas.

There are natural (tectonic and glacial) and artificial lakes in Macedonia.

The tectonic lakes are: Ohrid, Prespa and Dojran. They cover an area of 655km2 of the territory of Macedonia. The length of beaches the cover exceeds 40km. They are characterized with clean water suitable for bathing. Several tourist settlements have developed adequate for summer tourism, for sports-recreational, congress and other type of tourism.


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There are artificial lakes in almost all parts of Macedonia. The bigger among them are: Mavrovo Lake on the river Mavrovska Reka, Globotchica and the Debar Lake in the flow of the river Crn Drim, Matka on the Treska river, the Tikvesh Lake on the river Crna, Kalimanci on the flow of Bregalnica, Strezhevo on the river Shemnica, Glazhnje and Lipkovo Lake on the river Lipkovska Reka, Mantovo on the river Kriva Lakavica, etc. The oldest is Lake Matka, constructed in 1938, The biggest is Tikvesh Lake. The most famous tourist resort is Mavrovo Lake. 







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There are large numbers of rivers in the R. of Macedonia which present interesting tourist destinations.Among more significant ones are the rivers: Vardar, Treska, Radika, Babuna, Crna, Boshava, Lepenec, Pchinja, Bregalnica, Kriva Reka, Strumica and Crni Drim.

The rivers in the Republic of Macedonia flow into three different basins: the Agean, the Adriatic and the Black Sea basin.

As a part of the Black Sea basin that covers the north side of Mount Skopska Crna Gora is the river Binacka Morava which joins South Morava and later the Danube.

The rivers with their compositional valleys, which consists of picturesque ravines and valleys with open fields, create especially favorable touristic, scenic and ambient values.




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Republic of Macedonia has a lot of spas in its territory due to thermo-mineral springs.

There are over 60 thermo-mineral springs in Macedonia.

Thermal waters are the hottest ones in Macedonia (75°C).





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There are several famous waterfalls in Macedonia. They are charactized by theirs size and extraordinary nature that surounds them. Most famous waterfalls are Koleshino waterfall, Smolare waterfall and Korab waterfall.


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