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Skiing/Snow Boarding – Mavrovo, Popova Shapka, Kozuf, Pelister, Krusevo

Skiing in Macedonia is popular sport that is enjoyed by the local people as well as the foreign tourists. Macedonia offers great climatic condition for the sport. Skiing Alpine and Nordic is a major event held to promote the beauty of the Macedonian mountains. There are two traditional events that are organized by the Macedonian ski workers.Mavrovo Memorial Tournament and the International Alpine Skiing Tournamentalso known as the Shara Mountain Cup are the two popular sports events in Macedonia that are organized by the Bistra community and the Popova Shapka respectively. Skiing and snow boarding are sports that are very popular in Macedonia. You can do skiing and boarding in several places like: Mavrovo, Mountain Shata, Kozuf, Pelister and Krusevo.



Horse riding – National Park Mavrovo; Galicnik; Skopje


Horse riding in Macedonia is a journey on horseback, which will reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might otherwise not have the opportunity to see. Beautifull landscapes are waiting to be seen in the National Park Mavrovo, breathtaking Galicnik and the capital city Skopje, where you can find hyppodromes with professional horse riders that will offer you the best service ever.



Hunting – Pelister, Jasen, Jakupica, Kozuf, Lakavica, Karadzica

Macedonia is a quiet and beautiful mountainous country interspersed with agricultural land in the heartland of the Balkans and that is why the hunting as a soprt is very popular on the mountains. The best hunting time in Macedonia is from September 1 through November 20 with the rut taking place the end of October to the middle of November. You can do haunting on Pelister, Jasen, Kozuf, Lakvica, Jakupica and Karadzica.



Hiking – Jakupica, Shar Planina, Korab


Hiking is also very developed sport in Macedonia. There are numerious hiking clubs all over the country. Places which hikers often visit for their activities are the mountain Jakupica, Shar Planina and Korab. These mountains are most attractive for the hikers, and because of the explendid view from the mountain tops, you can make beautiful pictures for your collections.



Mountain Biking – Mavrovo

Mountain baking is a growing sport in Macedonia, where there are literally thousands of off-road and dirt tracks. Each mountain club rents out bicycles and organizes regional mountain-bike tour and smaller local tours. As a clubs they also promote developing biking trails in Macedonia as well as local sustainable tourism to historical and natural sites of interest.




Road Biking around Mavrovo lake in Ski Resort Mavrovo and National park in Macedonia. Road Biking start srom Ski Resort Mavrovo right to village of Nikiforovo, next is village of Leunovo, than stag safari park Bunec, than left to Villas area Bel Voda, next is Mavrovo Dam, after that is Villas area in Forrest near Mavrovo village and finish back to Mavrovo Ski Center. 33km. Easy Biking. 



Motorcycle rally – Skopje

Touring Macedonia on a motorcycle will give you a feeling of true adventure, knowing that very few people have done it. Because it is off the beaten tourist paths of Europe, riding Macedonia means traffic-free roads for long distances. Roads are generally in very good condition. Signs can be sparse, especially over long open roads, but a GPS provides excellent information. In honor of the Macedonian Independence Day, every year there is an organized 3-day motorcycle rally throughout Macedonia. 3 days, almost 1000 km., 250 motorcycles from Macedonia and almost 200 from abroad. 



The skaters find attractive to skate on smooth surfaces (asphalt, marble etc…), stairs, ledges, rails and anything that can fulfill their skateboard-trick imagination. In Macedonia this sport is developed in the capital city Skopje which has many interesting spots to skate on and history shows that the skaters in different periods had a different main skate spot and a couple of other not so often skated spots. But as the number of skaters grew up, more spots were needed. So in 1999 was opened the first skate park in Macedonia, where the fans of this sport can enjoy.


Skopje running Marathon



The Skopje Marathon became one of the biggest sporting events in Republic of Macedonia after in 2010 attended more than 3.000 runners, from more than 20 countries around the world. First marathon race in Skopje was organized in 1997, and the second was held in 1998, but after that there was a break of 9 years. Skopje Marathon is one of the best organized marathons in the region. There are 3 races, marathon half marathon and 5 km. race.



Off Road routes – round trip through Macedonia

Macedonia has plenty to offer for the outdoor adventurer. Few of these lies for the taking, a 4×4 is the ultimate way to explore the geographically diverse terrain. The absence of large-scale commercial tourism makes it the perfect place to leave stress behind you. Macedonia is 80% mountainous. The terrain is very varied and it appears that you drive through various countries. The eastern part of Macedonia is ideal for a 4×4 drive because of the large amount of off-road routes through the mountains. This country is a real Mecca for your 4×4 driving where the roads quickly go from simple to the real off-roading. Off-road trails incorporate: lakes, reservoirs, shallow crossings, rocks, and if the weather does not cooperate, mud on the lower roads. 
























Macedonia is probably most well known outside the country for its speology or caving. The karst formations of so much of Macedonia’s ground structure make it ideal for caves. There are 346 registered caves (peshtera in Macedonian language).


Some of the caves have underground rivers, lakes, multiple caverns and of course stalagmites and stalactites. Many are home to rare underground life forms as well as prehistoric fossils.



Rock Climbing in Macedonia

Sport climbing in Macedonia started in 1990 (trad climbing much earlier) with the first sport route being bolted, named Jumbo Jet graded 7a. Since then the total number of routes already exceeds 200 and it is absolutely sure that in the upcoming years this number will increase. For the rock climbers there are numerous places to visit, but most attractive according to the climbers are Demir Kapija and Matka.

This is a growing sport in Macedonia, and there are some excellent climbs to be has at Lake Matka near Skopje (traditional. multi-pitch), Kaneo at Ohrid (bolted), Pilav Tepe (Ploca) near Radovish and Demir Kapija (bolted) right off the main road to Greece, amongst other places

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